How to Connect to Our FTP

  • Open an FTP client, such as FileZilla.
  • Navigate to the File tab --> Site Manager.
  • Select “New Site” and name your new site “SoftWorks AI” (the name is arbitrary).
  • For the “Host” field enter:
  • Leave the “Port” field empty.
  • For the “Protocol” field: Select “FTP – File Transfer Protocol”.
  • For the “Encryption” field: Select “Require explicit FTP over TLS”.
  • For the “Logon Type” field: Select “Normal”.
  • Enter the appropriate username and password (previously provided in the delivery email).
  • Navigate to the "Transfer Settings" tab.
  • Set “Transfer Mode” to “Active” --> Connect.
  • If “Active” does not allow you to connect, change this setting to “Passive” and attempt to connect again.

Still having trouble? This visual might help: