Service Mode is Not Starting Even Though the Check Box is Marked in the Process Tab

  • First, make sure that you have full permissions to your input folder, output folder, and the main CVISION folder in the ProgramData folder.
  • To find the ProgramData folder, type the following path into your file explorer:  C:\ProgramData
  • To enable full permission on a folder:
    • Navigate to the folder you are working with and right click on it.
    • Select “Properties” and navigate to the Security tab.
    • Click “Edit” then click “Add”.
    • Under “Enter the object names to select (examples):” type in “Everyone” and click “Check Names”.
    • Click “OK”.
    • Check all applicable boxes.
    • To select all boxes, check “Full control”.
    • Click “Apply” then click “OK”.
  • Enable full permission to all the folders mentioned, restart the GUI, and try starting the service again.

Still having trouble? This visual might help: