How to Set ProgramData Permissions

Typically, when a non-admin installs the software you must explicitly add Full Control permissions to the CVISION folder in ProgramData. Without doing this, users will not have permissions to use the software.

To give necessary permissions, please navigate to C:\ProgramData and locate the folder called CVISION. Once you find it, please right-click on it and choose Properties. This should open a new window, where you would need to navigate to the Security tab. When you are here, please click on the Edit… button, opening another window. In this new window, please click on the Add.. button. The new window that opens will have a text-box, where you should type in Everyone and hit enter or the OK button. This will take you to the previous window (Permissions for CVISION). Please highlight Everyone and make sure to enable the check-box that allows full control. Apply these changes and then close the remaining windows.